April 19, 2019

Beer Marketing Job: John Hass Assistant Marketing Manager

Associate Marketing Manager 

This position balances strategic direction and oversight with direct development and implementation of marketing campaigns and promotions, coordinating cross-functional project teams, and deriving insights from analysis to build customer relationships and improve our organization or brand’s market position and impact. This role also supports in-house and agency marketing efforts by analyzing customer and marketing research materials, assessing the impact of marketing programs, and developing innovative campaigns to drive brand and product recognition and growth

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop Marketing Strategies and Marketing Plans

One of the primary duties of this position is to develop marketing strategies in collaboration with the VP of Sales and Marketing and other senior business leaders.  This position will work closely with sales, brewing solutions, sales administration, supply chain, finance and other organizational resources to develop ideas to promote our products and our organizational brand.

Direct Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

The Associate Marketing Manager will direct promotional and marketing campaigns across a variety of media types and outlets. This position will work with external agency partners to develop online ads or direct the development of branded content on the web or in print.  This position will monitor and oversee these campaigns from inception to completion, ensuring that team members consistently meet deliverables and timelines.

Analyze Market, Customer and Competitor Research

Another major part of this role is to analyze market and customer research to derive insights to drive new marketing efforts. In this aspect of the role, this position will use a variety of strategies to gather and interpret information to improve marketing efforts. For example, they may conduct customer surveys or interview to assess customer needs and the effectiveness of our solutions. As well, this position will monitor competitor activities and strategies.  

Monitor Portfolio Performance and Budgets

This position will develop, monitor and report product & service portfolio results and budgets.  Responsibilities include recommending product and service portfolio strategies, pricing and promotion recommendations and recommend marketing activities and expenditures. This position also monitors resource utilization and expenses to ensure that they remain on budget.

Associate Marketing Manager Skills and Qualifications

  • Project management skills – This position needs to effectively manage workflows and deliverables for marketing campaigns, so a background in project management is essential
  • Strategic planning – This position involves critical strategic thinking and experience to develop and successfully implement marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Team coordination – This position works closely with sales, brewing solutions, R&D, operations, legal, supply chain and other organizational personnel, so they need experience coordinating, facilitating and motivating teams to successfully complete projects
  • Presentation skills – This position will routinely present ideas and reports to business leaders and organizational team members, so they need excellent public speaking and presentation skills
  • Communication skills – this role requires frequent written and verbal communications that engages senior business leaders, customers and cross-functional team members.  
  • Analytical skills – because this positions conducts market, company, customer and competitor assessments, the position requires excellent analytical and data interpretation skill Associate Marketing Manager Education and Training
  • Education requirement – a bachelor’s degree in business and/or marketing is required.  An MBA in marketing is strongly preferred.    
  • Work experience – a minimum of 5 years experience in marketing or sales is required. 
  • Skills requirement – Excellent Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word competency is required.   
  • Travel requirements – This position is located in Yakima, Wa and requires approximately 20% travel. 


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