May 28, 2019

ShinDigger Brewing uses New Cepac Sustainable Beer Packaging Solution

Beer packaging

Manchester-based ShinDigger Brewing Co has partnered with Cepac to create sustainable packaging for its full product range.

ShinDigger approached Cepac, the corrugated packaging producer, to develop a shelf-ready, sustainable product for the brand’s 12-packs of 440ml cans.

In a move to reduce its impact on the environment, the brewer has replaced a tray and shrink wrap combination with the corrugated pack. The performance board construction utilises FSC-certified liners, combined with a click and close design and two top flaps. The structure eliminates the need for additional tape or glue.

Cepac said the boxes have been designed for use on packaging lines with or without drying equipment and include moisture control ventilation features to protect the packed product.

George Grant, co-founder of ShinDigger, said: “Prior to working with Cepac, we were using tray and shrink packaging as well as taped boxes imported from China. The change to this new style of packaging fits well with our brand and appeals to ShinDigger customers, providing a high-quality but sustainable packaging product for our beers.”

The new design can be fully recycled and reduces the overall energy levels used in the packing process. Cutting down on pack assembly time has also promoted greater production efficiency and increased output for the brewer.

Jacqui McCarthy, business development manager for Cepac, added: “The craft beer market in the UK is booming and in such a vibrant market place, it’s great to partner with innovative companies such as ShinDigger to create a high-quality, sustainable product that will stand out.

“Cepac has a wide, specialist product range and we focus upon working together with our clients’ own print, design and production options, producing tailored performance packaging solutions in combination with the highest quality print to maximise our customers’ pack presentation.”

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