Is Marketing Promotion, Product or Purpose?

I am a marketing geek. (And a coffee and beer geek)That means I get in a lot of philosophical discussions about marketing. I get into lively conversations with fellow marketing wonks about the details and the strategy of marketing. But I also tend to be an evangelist so I seldom […]

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Brewery Growth – Urban and Rural

Brewers Association always has excellent data! They recently wrote an article about the growth of #craftbeer in the US. Lot’s of data, lot’s of stats and interesting results. Here is an excerpt. As the number of farm and rural breweries has grown, I’ve recently gotten several inquiries about whether rural […]

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Crashing Headlong Into Changing the Three Tier System.

LibDib beer marketing

The Three Tier Distribution System Has Been In Place Since Prohibition. A recent joint announcement from two very interesting alcohol distribution disruption companies, Republic National Distributing Co (RNDC), and Liberation Distribution (LibDib) that they have formed a strategic alliance and will be working together is a potentially big deal. For […]

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Constellation Brands Is Coming For You. (But only some of you)

beer marketing

Constellation Brands is well known in the beer and wine industry. (especially after buying Ballast Point Brewery for $1 BILLION). Now Constellation is taking a major step forward in driving the industry to be the way they want it. Instead of waiting to buy established brands (and paying a premium) […]

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Would You Capsule Your Beer? (Should You?)

craft beer

As a Coffee Geek I know that coffee capsule machines like the K-Cup and their ilk make ridiculously bad coffee at stratospherically high prices and with earth crushing amounts of waste. (trifecta achieved). As a Beer Geek I know that beer capsule machines like the… … WAIT WTF? a Beer […]

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Could A Trademark Dispute Kill Your Most Popular Beer?

beer marketing trademarks yellow belly

Trademarks are serious business. Trademarks in consumer products like beer are even more serious. Getting it right can mean raging success. Getting it wrong can mean your cult beer that is driving your growth can embroil your brewery in a gut wrenching trademark dispute with Cease and Desist letters covering […]

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Brewery Under Fire For Using Religious Imagery

A story in Borders Telegraph has a surprising story that religious leaders have demanded a Borders brewer withdraws one of its craft beers and issues an immediate apology.   Tweedbank’s Tempest Brewery has come under fire from an international Hindu organisation for its use of the Lord Ganesha image. As part […]

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Brings Craft Beer Together

sierra nevada resilience craft beer marketing

Craft Beer has always been a very giving and open industry with breweries helping each other with ingredients, equipment, processes and almost anything else. And the brewing industry is rife with collaboration beers brewed by 2 or more breweries. But seldom do we get something as national and timely as […]

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