April 11, 2019

Molson Coors Launches New Branding and Packaging

molson coors

Molson Coors has launched a ‘masterbrand’ for its Molson beer in Canada, featuring new packaging and branding.

New cases, cans and bottles of Molson Canadian, Molson Export and Molson Dry will pay tribute to the brand’s Canadian roots and history, but in a forward-facing aesthetic.

Partnering with design agency BrandOpus, Molson Coors said it aims to highlight the specialness and meaning behind the Molson name, especially to a new generation of Canadian beer lovers.

Joy Ghosh, senior director of marketing at Molson Coors Canada, said: “What a unique and humbling responsibility it is to uphold a heritage so rich. I’m proud to be a caretaker of this legacy and to share the Molson story and its impact in our Canadian community.

“This new visual identity – and supporting launch campaign – is not just about commemorating our 233-year history, but it’s about our drive to keep the legacy going. To act today, and inspire tomorrow.”

The Molson brand was founded in 1786 by John Molson. Building on from his vision of commitment to community, Molson will deploy a new campaign called History Is In Your Hands, which encourages people to positively shape history through personal contributions.

To elevate the brand’s potential, the ‘masterbrand’ seeks to honour change-leaders like John Molson through exciting collaborations throughout the year.

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