December 19, 2018

So \m/etal. Ball Debuts New Can Finishes.

beer can branding

According to FoodBev Media Ball Corporation is having a ball debuting some pretty sweet new colors, finishes and treatments for beer cans. 

One of those new colors is called Day Glo. Ball’s Day Glo technology can allow for brighter designs to stand out in foodservice environments such as bars and pubs. Day Glo brings a fluorescent way to bring a brand’s story across in more eye popping colors.

“Day Glo is a series of ink colours that are extra bright to highlight part of your designs both during the day and at night.” Said Marianne Freund, marketing manager for Ball Corporation. 

Perhaps the most interesting to craft beer brands is the new Spot Matte treatment. (as opposed to the traditional spot gloss) The new Spot Matte brings a subtle textural element to cans that can enhance the ‘in-hand’ experience. 

matte matters

“Our customers always want a can that can carry contrast and, in a very elegant way, allow messages to come across. We have a new innovative solution called Spot Matte. Within this design, we have glossy inks and matte inks.”

Ball presented Spot Matte in the way of a landscape design, where different shades and textures were used to give an idea of contrast and texture for customers to highlight various characteristics of products.

And to bring your customers to exactly where you want them to be Ball introduced a new technology called Enhanced Can. It’s pretty sweet.

“We also offer an alternative to a QR code, which comes in the form of a watermark beneath the can design, which we call our enhanced can.  With your smartphone, you can then very easily scan the can anywhere on its surface.

“In a split second, you are then directed to where the brand wants the user to be.” This can be connected to augmented reality, a website, or a promotion, which easily allows for interactivity and connectivity with consumers. The technology also ensures that the can’s surface design is not disrupted, as the code can be subtly integrated into this.

Cans are truly the epicenter and cutting edge of beer packaging, beer branding and beer marketing. We can’t wait to see how you put these new colors and finishes to work presenting your brand. 

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