March 1, 2019

How Heineken Used Marketing To Become A Top Global Brand

A really excellent writeup of how approached marketing with four different strategies. Exceprt below

Heineken ranked #30 on Forbes’ list of top regarded companies.

As of 2017, its full-year revenue is worth $23 billion!

How did it became one of the most well-known beer brands in the world? In part, through creative marketing campaigns that resonate with its consumers.

Customers were told to “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” in its Know the Signs Campaign.

The campaign aimed to provide comprehensive information about the upsides and downsides of drinking too much. In fact, its website encourages users to keep an eye on a crowded bar via a CCTV camera. They will then be on the lookout for signs of people who are transforming into any of these embarrassing archetypes of drinkers: the sleeper, the groper, the exhibitionist, the fighter, and the cryer.

Once users spot a sign that falls into any of these categories, they’re introduced to the archetype and provided with alternative realities of how the night would turn out.

Heineken marketing strategy

After they’ve identified the signs, visitors can share the experience with their friends. They can download a social networking widget and assign friends to archetypes, send a virtual glass of water, and modify a friend’s face to fit one of the archetypal characters.

Through the campaign, Heineken promoted “responsible” alcohol consumption to a whole new level. Not only did it entertain viewers, but it also created awareness on the pitfalls of drinking too much.

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