December 19, 2018

7-11 Launches Wine in a Can.

7-11 wine in a can

7-Eleven has launched a range of canned wines called Roamer, as it aims to offer convenience for consumers on the go.

The rosé variant is said to be a dry, fruit-driven wine with hints of strawberry and raspberry. Meanwhile, the chardonnay has an oak influence, with tropical and citrus fruits that add to its bright acidity.

According to research from Nielsen, US canned wine sales surged 43% from June 2017 to June 2018.

Tim Cogil, 7-Eleven senior director of private brands, said: “The name, Roamer, reflects how we think people will enjoy this new wine – while they’re out and attending concerts, picnics or spending a day at the beach.

“For wine-lovers, bringing along their favourite beverage requires bringing a bottle, corkscrew and glasses. Now, Roamer wine can share the ice chest with canned beer and soda with no additional wine paraphernalia needed. That’s not to say it isn’t great to drink at home too. Either way, it’s another way 7-Eleven is offering convenience to its customers.”

In 2017, 7-Eleven added the Trojan Horse chardonnay and pinot grigio wines to its wine portfolio.

Earlier this year, the convenience retailer released a range of sparkling cold brew coffees, which are packed in innovative self-chilling cans.

Can 7-11 branded craft beer cans be far behind? Which brewery will win that business? How can your brewery get ahead of this opportunity?

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