Oktoberfest 2017


“Let no man thirst for good beer.”
Sam Adams

So in our previous lives, we used to organize trips to large scale festivals like the Running of the Bulls and Oktoberfest in Germany.

We are happy to be brought out of the travel business to organize a trip to Germany to get a little of the best of both worlds – visiting Oktoberfest in Munich with a pit stop at the new Stone Brewery in Berlin. Thats right, we’ll be organizing a group to visit two of the most iconic destinations in all of Europe.

More details to come, but here is an overall summary of what to expect

Group 1
3 nights in Munich and 3 nights in Berlin

Group 2
3 nights in Berlin and 3 nights in Munich

What’s Included: Just get yourself off the airplane in Germany and we’ll take care of the rest, from accommodations to beer tent reservations to transportation between Berlin/Germany.

Price per person will be $2950 inclusive.



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